LINKBAL is a group of
professional connect creators.

We have achieved considerable growth thanks to numerous partner companies and stakeholders.
Our understanding of the importance of links inspires us to deliver to users the satisfying experience they bring.
We’re committed to continuing to provide one-stop platforms for linking people to people and to shared experiences.


Connect the World.


Pursuing customer satisfaction and corporate growth by creating new value based on ideas and technologies.

CEO Kazumasa Yoshihiro

CEO & President Kazumasa Yoshihiro


Connecting people to people,
to the world, and beyond.

Connect the World: This has been LINKBAL’s mission since its founding in December 2011.

Our primary focus to date has been creating opportunities for single men and women to meet. We will take on broader markets and expand our scope, eventually serving as a one-stop experiential consumption platform provider, linking people to people and to the world.

In our existing business domain, which addresses one facet of experiential consumption, we plan to enhance our current services and develop new ones by making full use of technologies that support ever-diversifying ways to meet.

We’re committed to sustained business growth, first in Japan, then around the world, as a provider of platforms that deliver irreplaceable human experiences.

We’re grateful for your continued support and guidance.