LINKBAL, a professional group
that creaters encounters.

Linkbal achieved remarkable development through its connections with partner companies and stakeholders.
The company understands the value of interpersonal encounters. In order to deliver to users the excitement and experiences that come from wonderful encounters, Linkbal will continue to provide a one-stop platform that enables a variety of different interpersonal encounters to create greater potential for each and every participant.


People meeting—that’s the future.


Create encounters.


  • Unrivaled excellence.
  • Ultimate ownership mindset.
  • Making customer experience personal.
  • Top speed.
  • Embracing extreme challenges.
  • Ultimate collaboration.
CEO Kazumasa Yoshihiro

CEO & President Kazumasa Yoshihiro


People meeting—that’s the future.

Linkbal Inc. was established in December 2011 in order to achieve the management philosophy,“People meeting—that’s the future.”

Since that time, the company has provided many encounters between single men and single women. Ten years have passed since the establishment of the company, and as the numbers of unmarried people and the birthrate continue to decline in Japan, society’s need for the encounter services Linkbal provides has increased. With the evolution of AI and other technologies, the world is changing to enable people to pursue more personalized encounter possibilities.

Therefore, Linkbal can enhance the current businesses and develop new services to meet the new demands of society and support increasingly diverse ways for people to meet. Linkbal services will evolve as the company strengthens its human resources to make full use of AI and technology.

As a platform provider offering encounters, an irreplaceable asset for each and every one of us, Linkbal will continue to develop its business, first in Japan and then around the world. The company will pursue corporate growth with the aim of becoming the platform provider that connects people.

Linkbal looks forward to your continued support and cooperation.