Announcement of Matters Concerning LINKBAL Inc. Privacy Policy

LINKBAL Inc. (“Company” hereinafter) engages in various businesses based on its mission of Linking the World by linking people. The Company regards as a key social responsibility the appropriate handling of personal information entrusted to it in its business operations. In this light, the Company has established this Privacy Policy and pledges to strive to comply with, maintain, and continually improve this Policy for protecting personal information.

  • Privacy Policy

    1. In handling the personal information used in all its businesses and personal information concerning employees and others, the Company shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, national guidelines, and other standards concerning the handling of personal information.

    2. In obtaining and using personal information, the Company shall clearly set forth the purposes of use of such information and shall refrain from handling personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the stated purposes of use (use for other than intended purposes). The company shall also establish and exercise appropriate management to prevent use for other than intended purposes.

    3. Except where required by laws or regulations, the Company shall refrain from providing personal information to any third parties. Should it receive complaints or consultations concerning the handling of personal information, the Company shall promptly investigate the facts of the matter and other specifics and respond in good faith.

    4. To ensure the appropriate management of the personal information it obtains, the Company shall implement organizational, human, physical, and technological security measures and strive to prevent and rectify the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.

    5. The Company shall continually seek to improve its efforts to protect personal information in light of changes in social conditions and other aspects of the environment.

    Established: December 9, 2011;
    last revised: December 15, 2021

  • Use of Personal Information

    1. The Company shall use personal information for the following purposes:

      1. LINKBAL Inc. member information

        1. Management of members

        2. Sale of goods (including tickets to events), rights, digital content, and services provided by the Company and third parties (“Goods, etc.” hereinafter in this Article; Goods, etc. include financial products).

        3. Conducting promotional campaigns, competitions, and surveys.

        4. Simplifying member registration and other tasks for those using services provided by the Company and its business partners that require member registration.

        5. Notifications of matters necessary for the operation of the Website, including those sent by email.

        6. Advertising, publicity, and solicitation of sales of Goods, etc. of the Company and third parties (including those sent by email).

        7. Sending email newsletters.

        8. Exchanging information necessary for purposes such as holding events and packing and shipping Goods, etc.

        9. Contacting users as needed concerning the provision of services provided by the Company or by third parties (including, but not limited to, event organizing).

        10. Calculating charges and billing.

        11. Providing services such as reward points, coupons, and mileage (“Points, etc.” hereinafter).

        12. Posting information submitted by members.

        13. Responding to various inquiries and providing after-sales service.

        14. Researching and analyzing marketing data and developing new services.

        15. Preparing personally unidentifiable statistical data for provision to business partners.

      2. Other

        1. Exercising rights and performing obligations based on applications for use, contracts, laws, etc. related to Company businesses.

        2. Transaction-related communications with clients applying to use Company goods and services or submitting inquiries.

        3. Ensuring the smooth and appropriate execution of relevant operations when subcontracting the processing of personal information, in whole or in part, to subcontractors.

        4. Screening applications for employment and managing employees.

        5. Ensuring the smooth and appropriate execution of relevant operations when accepting subcontracting of the processing of personal information, in whole or in part, from other companies.

        6. Purposes of use as specified individually in cases other than those listed above

      (Sections 2-6 below provide explanatory information concerning member information.)

    2. Personal information received (member IDs; full names; gender; email addresses; telephone numbers; postal codes; addresses; company names, sections, etc.; nicknames; pen names; dates of birth; credit card information; application records; information on Points, etc. held; and records of use of Points, etc.) may be provided to third parties in the following cases:

      1. The member consents to such provision.

      2. Disclosure is required by laws, regulations, etc.; demand for disclosure is submitted as part of legal proceedings, such as a criminal investigations; or an inquiry based on reasonable grounds is received from a consumer center, bar association, or other public agency.

      3. Information on member orders is transmitted to business partners.

      4. Information is disclosed to business partners after a member orders or attempts to order Goods, etc. from business partners.

      5. Disclosure is necessary to ship Goods, etc. or to provide services.

      6. Disclosure is necessary in connection with settlement of proceeds.

      7. Information is disclosed to business partners for provision of Points, etc. or other services provided or handled by the Company or by business partners.

      8. Information is disclosed to successors to businesses upon merger or transfer of operations or for other reasons.

      9. Disclosure is authorized under the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations.
        Such information shall be provided through shared server access or password-protected email attachments.

    3. Within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use under Paragraph 1 above, the handling of personal information for purposes such as shipping goods and settling proceeds may be subcontracted to outside parties.

    4. While the provision of personal information is optional, failure to provide information may prevent the individual from receiving desired services with respect to the purposes of use indicated in advance.

    5. The Company may use cookies when members use the Site.

    6. The Company shall respond appropriately to requests from members for the disclosure, correction, addition or removal, suspension of use, deletion, or suspension of provision to third parties of their personal information the Company holds. Please note that the Company may request the member’s cooperation in ensuring the rigorous confirmation of his or her identity based on the submission of additional documentation.

    7. The external module for data collection may be included in the service and application providing by our company.

  • About Cookies

    Cookie settings

    • Users may configure their browsers in various ways, including allowing all cookies, rejecting all cookies, or notifying the user when a cookie is received.
      The method of configuring these settings varies from browser to browser. Refer to your browser’s Help menu for details.

    • Note that if your browser is set to reject all cookies, you may experience restrictions on the use of various Internet services and may be prevented from accessing services that require authentication.

    Use of cookies by LINKBAL Inc.

    LINKBAL Inc. uses cookies for the following purposes:

    • To provide services customized for individual users by referring to saved user registration information when they log in to the authentication service.

    • To display, on other companies’ sites, advertising optimized based on content in which the user has shown interest and the user’s use of LINKBAL sites.

    • To research numbers of users and traffic on LINKBAL sites.

    • To improve LINKBAL services.

    • For security purposes, to encourage users to re-enter their passwords (reauthentication) if a certain time has passed since their last use.

  • About an external data collection module

    • Google Analytics

    • Log information is acquired and it sends to Google.
      An analysis statistical work is performed to the sent log information by Google, and It is sent to Linkbal Inc. from Google in the state where it was processed so that an individual could not specify.

    • Repro

      The log information of device, device specific information, and others are acquired, and it sends to Repro, Inc.
      An individual cannot be specified using the sent information.

    • Adjust

      The log information of device, device specific information, and others are acquired, and it sends to Adjust.
      An individual cannot be specified using the sent information.

    • Flurry Analytics

      The log information of device, device specific information, socialmedia account information, and others are acquired, and it sends to Flurry Analytics.
      An individual cannot be specified using the sent information.

  • Where to address inquiries

    Please address any complaints, questions, or requests for disclosure, correction, or suspension of use related to the handling of personal information to the following:

    • Chief Privacy Officer: Director Responsible, Human Resources & General Affairs Dept.

    • Contact point for complaints and inquiries concerning personal information: LINKBAL Inc. Customer Center