1. April 2020
    Relocated the head office from the Sumitomo Irifune Building to the Tsukiji Riverfront.
  2. December 2020
    Launched Marriage Style an online marriage counseling service
  3. January 2019
    Acquired Pairy app for couples
  4. December 2018
    Established LINKBAL VIETNAM in Hanoi, Vietnam
  5. July 2016
    Launched Couplink online dating app
  6. June 2015
    Relocated the head office from the Tsukiji MT Building to the Sumitomo Irifune Building
  7. April 2015
    Listed shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers board
  8. July 2013
    Launched KOIGAKU site providing information for learning about love
  9. August 2012
    Opened Osaka Branch in Kita-ku, Osaka
  10. December 2011
    LINKBAL Inc. established in Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  11. June 2011
    CEO & President Kazumasa Yoshihiro launched machicon JAPAN as an independent operator

Following rebranding on November 5, 2018, the official Japanese brand names for the machicon JAPAN and KOIGAKU services are now the Romanized service names and Couplink has been changed to CoupLink.